Tooth Prints

Few children have fingerprints taken and many do not have dental records. Fillings and X-rays have historically been the primary basis for dental identification, but the successful fight against tooth decay has left many children without such information. Toothprints was developed by a children’s dentist as a simple, cost-effective way to provide a unique record of your child.

How does Toothprints work?

Your child simply bites into a softened plastic wafer and the resulting impression registers the shape of teeth and overall bite. The wafer is sealed in a plastic bag, which you then take home to keep in a safe place for easy access. Not only does the Toothprints system provide dental identification, it also supplies a DNA source from the saliva proteins that remain on the wafer. In addition the saliva can make the wafer an effective tool in scent-dog tracking.

Why should we participate in Toothprints?

Hopefully you will never need to provide the authorities with a means of identifying your child. However, Toothprints can give you peace of mind knowing that you have taken an important safety measure.

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