Dental Implants

Why replace a missing tooth?

When you lose a tooth, the biting forces change and cause a nearby tooth to shift. Opposing teeth may even begin to extrude out of the socket, which means they could eventually be lost. As your bite changes, it gets more difficult to chew your food and you may suffer damage to your jaw joints. It is also much harder to clean teeth that have shifted, and plaque that is missed can cause decay and gum disease. For all of these reasons it is crucial that a lost tooth is replaced. An excellent option is an artificial tooth secured by an implant.

What is an implant?

Implants are titanium cylinders that serve as artificial roots. Attaching a crown to an implant allows us to avoid placing a bridge. An implant crown is practically indistinguishable for your natural teeth.It fits so securely that you won’t notice any difference when you chew and speak.

If you are interested in replacing a missing tooth with an implant, our doctors will perform a thorough evaluation to determine whether you are a good candidate for this kind of restoration.

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